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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


hye everyone . morning . morning . morning . :) . hows ur day today ? okay ? 
suitable with my title ; AMBIK KAU !! 
for the first first time aku berspeaking dalam blog aku . hahaha
wahhh , ambik kau aku berspeaking !! kakakaka . nevermind . i dont care . i know my english a lot broken . hahaha . and i know too my words was tunggang langgang but at least i'm trying to learn more either writing or speaking in english . ambik kau !!
actually , i am still thinking whether shall i or go or not . alaaa , go somewhere with my friends .  huhuhuhuh . i dont know laa my kawan kawan ini , :P . kawan kawan where u all want to bring me ? is it makan makan ? jalan jalan ? or something else ? so confusing la kamu ini . tiada arah tujuan . hahahaha . jangan marah ya kawan kawan . kakakakaka . its just only joke on this early morning .
byTHEway , have a nice day .


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