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Friday, May 20, 2011

jahat nya kamu

 wah , such a interest title . 'jahat nya kamu' . there is no other meaning lahh . its all about me . yang jahat itu aku , bukan kamu . hahahaha .

i am sorry if i am lied frequently to you all . there is a reason why i do like that . dont worry about me . i am still safe . i always thought that i am a very very JAHAT person . yes i do !! thats i am . life with forced would make myself be a JAHAT person . dont tell me why . if i said like that , that is the reality . try to accept the reality . 

just a few minutes ago , i was reading MISS UD blog . and 100 % from her words her sentences , i agreed !! seem like we are in a same condition friend =( . so sad . there is no other way to luahkan our problem selain daripada blog . sometimes , i afraid to tell my friends about my decision , about my problem that including them because i need to care their heart supaya tidak terluka , tidak terguris di sebabkan aku .

hmm , once again , dont take heart ya friends about my tingkah laku kebelakangan ini .


Anonymous said...

dont worry. kami ttp akan memahami kamu.

Jerul said...

una : tenks fren . hihiyh

Anonymous said...


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