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Thursday, May 19, 2011


aku sangat tidak memerlukan tekanan . jadi jangan pernah bagi aku tekanan . very very dislike . even its just for laugh , just for joking . i think it does not important . i am tired being HIPOCRIT actually , but the situation made me being a hipocrit person or whatever . whatever people say right now , i just want the freedom . being alone gave me a thousand million feel in better situation . maybe my words a bit of sakit hati word for those was reading . especially for certain certain person . i dont want to mentioned their name . just let them know my heart feeling right now , enough . 

i know , what i was doing right now can make some people hurt . but for me , this is the best way . sorry if i am a shorted thinking person . i dont know what to do . if can , i want  to keep it secret . but my heart its so hard to keep it . i need to luahkan luahkan . luahkan bukan pada orang tapi cukup untuk aku luahkan di sini . 
ok lah , dont want to cakap banyak . i want to get some rest . daaa .

* maaf kan jika english aku banyak broken . biasa lah , rojak english . english yang mudah di pahami :)



Anonymous said...

blogging is the best therapy :)

Jerul said...

ofcoss . tq 4 understanding . :)

Jerul said...

ofcoss . tq 4 understanding . :)

Anonymous said...

i know because ive into it :)

Jerul said...

una : yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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